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EIR-iCAP (Entrepreneur in Residence)

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Individuals who wish to focus on searching for and learning about university-originated research seeds, as well as on preparatory activities for starting their own business, will be offered the opportunity to work on business creation as a contract employee of KYOTO- iCAP.

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What is a Entrepreneur in Residende (EIR)?

What is an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)?
This term refers to those with entrepreneurial experience or those preparing to start a business who are employed by a company with a mission to create a new business, etc.

EIR Utilization Program
EIR Utilization Program
Overview of Kyoto iCAP's EIR Implementation
  • Joined iCAP as a venture partner (contract employee status)
  • Independence after training and start-up preparation period (1 year renewal, maximum 2 years)
  • No restrictions on the nature of the business, no equity ownership prior to starting the business, and investment operations as a venture capital employee.
  • The number of EIRs will be limited to a maximum of two at the same time, and a small number of elite members will be assigned to the EIRs.
1. Exploratory training period
1. Exploratory training period

With iCAP's Capitalists as mentors, the program will support multiple start-up cases.

Stage Gate
Stage Gate

Through entrepreneurial support activities during the exploratory training phase, iCAP will identify planning and implementation skills.

3. Business preparation period
3. Business preparation period

We work closely with the capitalist to develop a business plan as well as management team-up and relationship building with researchers.

4. Startup of a business
4. Startup of a business

Negotiate with iCAP as an entrepreneur. After the investment decision is made, you leave iCAP, register your company, and sign the investment agreement with iCAP.

No guarantee of start-up or investment is made.

A Day in the Life of an EIR
Walk to work. Check email and organize today's work. I don't work fixed hours, but I usually come in at about this time.
I moved to Kyoto and my place of work is now within walking distance.
University Researcher SearchCheck researcher information on the web and in papers, also referring to the list of visiting researchers. Discuss research topics with the member sitting next to you (who holds a PhD).
Participate in ongoing project meetingsI discovered a new world by being exposed to methods of startup support that go beyond investment.
1-on-1 meeting with senior capitalistsWhile discussing business questions, he gives me information on the best cake shops in Kyoto.
lunch breakThere are many student cafeterias in the neighborhood, but perhaps it is my age that I think the portions are too large.
Explore and deepen the seeds of commercialization researchDaily search. When collecting information in the technology DB, he is enthusiastic that he has found a good seed, but after checking it against the marketing DB and examining it with market size, etc., he is troubled because it seems to be less profitable. Also, I read all the papers by researchers, but struggled with a lot of technical terms.
Attend in-house curriculum (classroom training) for EIRsIt is a learning experience for start-ups, such as business plans and capital policies, as well as learning about the flow of VC operations.
Online access to lectures in cutting-edge fieldsI try to have as many opportunities as possible to come in contact with the research results of national universities. I listened to the lecture with excitement to see what kind of seeds of business I could encounter.
Exchange views with senior capitalists on global trends in deep techKnow that even if you access the research theme once it becomes well-known, that is too late to consider investing in it.
end of work I closed up store early today and made a quick stop to see the temple lit up before heading home.
Telework is scheduled for tomorrow.
Study time until bedtimeSelf-study is essential. Today, I studied the technical terms of the paper and recent trends in the field, which I stumbled upon during my search for seeds. I am enjoying the current environment in which I can devote both my working hours and private time to preparing for starting a business.
track record
July 1, 2024

One EIR has been appointed.

April 2024

1 EIR established a new company based on the research results of Dr. Ashida, Lecturer, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

February 1, 2023 One EIR has been appointed.
January 1, 2023 One EIR has been appointed.
August 10, 2022 EIR job fair was held.
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