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ECC-iCAP (For business people who wish to start a business)

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Working people with an entrepreneurial spirit, business executives, and future CEO, CSO, CFO, and other management-level employees.
We welcome membership from individuals and others who aspire to become members.

This is a place where researchers and business people who challenge startups from Kyoto University can meet.
This platform is designed to connect Kyoto University researchers with engineers and business people to commercialize Kyoto University research seeds.
If you are interested in entrepreneurship, why not try your hand at business creation as an ECC-iCAP member?

New member application form (Free registration)

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  • Target: Individuals who are interested in starting a business or participating in a venture (please do not apply as a business from a company).
  • We match Business Persons with research that will change the world 20 years from now.
  • ECC-iCAP event announcements and webcasts (members only)
  • Interaction with Kyoto University Ventures (an opportunity to get useful tips for starting a business or starting a business)
  • Introduction of Technology Seeds Leading to Entrepreneurship
  • Mentored start-up challenge (selective)
From enrollment to startup
1. Admission
1. Admission
  • Confirmation of Constitution and Privacy Policy
  • Submit application and agreement form
2. Participation in ECC events
2. Participation in ECC events
  • matching
  • (cultural) exchange meeting
  • Facebook Information
  • 1:1 Dialogue
3. Matching
3. Matching
  • Member -> Contact iCAP for matching request
  • Selection if necessary (in case of large numbers)
  • Interviews (iCAP & researchers)
  • Project participation decided!
4. Acceleration (concurrent)
4. Acceleration (concurrent)
  • Planning through web subcommittee
  • GAP Fund Incubation
  • Proof of concept through program application
5. Company incorporation (full-time)
5. Company incorporation (full-time)
  • Founders and researchers set up companies with small amounts of money
  • CB underwriting by iCAP*.
  • By POC confirmation, IP licensing, etc.
    value up
6. Seed Money Procurement
6. Seed Money Procurement
  • iCAP CB conversion, etc.
  • Seed money investment by iCAP/private VC*.

Investment from Kyoto iCAP requires approval from the Support and Investment Committee after Due Diligence has been conducted.

Membership Structure

ECC-iCAP membership composition: 538 members

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Results ECC-iCAP Families
Management team from ECC-iCAP participates in the start-up of the company.
Entrepreneur after speaking at ECC-iCAP event

No capital relationship with Innovation Kyoto 2016/2021 Investment Limited Partnership

New member application form (Free registration)

Only available in Japanese

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