ECC-iCAP is a place where researchers-turned-managers form startup companies, which were founded in universities, to meet with business people.

In Kyoto University, new inventions are created daily in fields such as regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence, materials, and energy. ECC-iCAP is a startup creation platform born to commercialize these inventions. We connect Kyoto University researchers, science engineers, and business professionals to create companies that will change the world from Kyoto.

Members are individuals that are considering joining a startup

  • Post-doc or doctoral students with academic research experience
  • Company researchers who want to venture outside the corporate framework
  • Professionals in various fields such as those with experience in business development, corporate planning, intellectual property, and strategy consulting.


  • Matching with research seeds, hosting pitch events, and online streaming
  • Introducing technology seeds that will lead to starting a business
  • Mentoring and supporting company start-up

The club does not introduce people to jobs.

Only available in Japanese