Starting with Fund No. 2 (established on January 12, 2021), venture startups utilizing the results of national universities other than Kyoto University are also eligible for investment and other support.
In the following questions/answers, please replace "Kyoto University" with "Kyoto University and other national universities.

What types of companies are eligible for investment?

Unlisted companies seeking to commercialize the results of Kyoto University's research are eligible.

Licensing patents owned by Kyoto University and conducting joint research with Kyoto University researchers are the gateway to commercialization of Kyoto University's research results.
In addition, the company must be an unlisted company seeking to expand its business. Unlisted companies whose primary purpose is to obtain research funding for academic research by researchers are not eligible for investment.

What procedures are required to receive an investment?

Please contact us first.

The investment manager will proceed with the investment study through interviews and submitted materials, and a decision on investment will be made by the Support and Investment Committee, which consists mainly of outside experts.

Is there a form for the documents to be submitted?

There is no application form.

Although there is no application form that must be completed in order for us to consider an investment, it is helpful to bring a business plan for general venture financing when you contact us to facilitate the discussion.

How long does it take to review an investment?

The shortest time from contact to investment decision is 67 days.

It usually takes three to six months or longer, so please plan your financing well in advance.

Can you give me specific criteria for investment decisions?

Kyoto University Innovation Capital's investments are solely for the purpose of commercialization of research results, and do not include investments for purely academic research with low probability of commercialization.
(The goal is to "contribute to the development of academic research in Japan" and "contribute to the advancement of academic research at Kyoto University" through the achievement of the commercialization of this project.)
In making investment decisions, we are strongly required by the government to "adhere to a decision-making process that is independent of the university," and we do not favorably consider whether or not an introduction from a key person inside or outside the university will lead to a decision to invest.
(Appropriate action may be taken against pressure, slander, libel, harassment, or unjustified claims against any member of the Support and Investment Committee or investment officer, after consulting with outside legal experts.)

Can you help me create a business plan?

Kyoto University will provide support if the research results are expected to lead to commercialization.

Can Kyoto University graduates be supported to start their own businesses?

Please note that the mere fact that Kyoto University graduates are included in the founders or management team does not make them eligible for our investment.

As mentioned above, Kyoto University will provide support if the research results are expected to lead to commercialization.

Do I have to be a Kyoto University alumnus to receive support?

Even if the venture is from another university, Kyoto University will provide support if it is expected to lead to the commercialization of Kyoto University's research results.

I understand that the condition is to utilize Kyoto University's research results, but is it possible to receive funding without licensing the patents?

Research results include intellectual property rights other than patents, and are not limited to licensing of patent rights.

On the other hand, the utilization of patents that result from joint research and that lead to joint patent applications are also included in the utilization of research results.

If I receive an investment from a private venture capital firm, will I no longer be able to receive an investment from Kyoto iCAP?

Companies that have already received investment from private venture capital firms can also receive investment from Kyoto University Innovation Capital.

Please note that the funds we manage are required to be conservative when calculating your company's market capitalization and stock price (since the majority of our funds are public funds).

I heard that there is a program that provides support for pre-startup capital, but not for equity investment.

The Kyoto University Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Division operates a program to support entrepreneurs in commercializing the results of Kyoto University's research.

For details, please refer to the following URL

Is it possible to ask for introductions to technologies and researchers at Kyoto University?

We will accept your proposal as long as it is expected to lead to the commercialization of Kyoto University's research results and is also expected to be beneficial to the researcher you are introducing.

What is the relationship between Kyoto University and Kyoto University Innovation Capital?

Kyoto University Innovation Capital is a 100% subsidiary of Kyoto University.

By law, Kyoto University cannot make equity investments in investment companies, including venture capital firms other than Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co.

What is the difference between Kyoto University Innovation Capital and Kyoto University-approved venture funds (Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Miyako Capital Co.

Kyoto University has selected private venture capital firms as the Kyoto University Venture Fund to accelerate the return of research results to society by supporting venture companies aiming for successful IPOs, etc. The first fund selected was Nippon Venture Capital Co. The first fund was selected by NVC and the second fund was selected by Miyako Capital Co.
Neither of these venture capital firms has a capital relationship with Kyoto University, but they are venture capital firms that support Kyoto University-launched ventures in cooperation with Kyoto University Innovation Capital and Kyoto University.

What industries do you plan to invest in?

We intend to invest in a wide range of fields, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of Kyoto University as a comprehensive research university.

Our policy is to support not only natural sciences, but also companies seeking to commercialize the results of research in the humanities and social sciences.
Achievements to date includePortfoliofor more information.

Do you have a co-working space?

Yes, we have several.

As facilities for venture companies, Kyoto University has the Venture Incubation Center as office space and the Innovation Hub Kyoto as a wet lab for the life science field.
Off-campus facilities include Creation Core Kyoto Mikuruma, Kyoto Research Park (KRP), and Kyoto University Katsura Venture Plaza.

Venture Incubation Center 
Innovation Hub Kyoto
Creation Core Kyoto Mikuruma
Kyoto Research Park
Kyoto University Katsura Venture Plaza


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