Beyond Pasteur’s Quadrant

In close collaboration with Kyoto University and other stakeholders,
we provide hands-on Kyoto University startups with proactive support for them to make the transition from basic research to commercialization relatively easily.

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Beyond Pasteur’s Quadrant


Make little acorns grow into mighty oaks

Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. (KYOTO-iCAP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyoto University, founded in December 2014, which endeavors to fund and support companies wishing to commercialize the “knowledge” (research results, technologies, etc.) generated by the university’s researchers.

Make little acorns grow into mighty oaks


Aiming to build KYOTO ECO-SYSTEM

ECC-iCAP is a place where researchers-turned-managers form startup companies, which were founded in universities, to meet with business people.
In Kyoto University, new inventions are created daily in fields such as regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence, materials, and energy. ECC-iCAP is a startup creation platform born to commercialize these inventions. We connect Kyoto University researchers, science engineers, and business professionals to create companies that will change the world from Kyoto.