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 Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. (KYOTO-iCAP) is a wholly owned venture capital firm established by Kyoto University, one of the world’s top research institutions, to contribute to the creation of next-generation industries through investment activities and to make practical use of the findings of research conducted at the university. We believe that our mission is to act as a bridge between industry and academia to create new industries for future generations through discovery of applications for the advanced research findings and technologies of Kyoto University and other national universities in Japan.
 This statement by a researcher in fundamental science is striking: “I have already had a venture capital firm commercialize research findings that I had worked hard to achieve, but overseas firms still very rarely use Japanese venture capital firms.”
 Japan has several venture capital firms that are using Japanese universities’ research findings, but we believe that more universities should set up their own venture capital arms to cater to the level and depth of Japanese academic research. Insufficient pools of seed and start-up funding are reasons why such efforts have been lacking.

Ko Kusumi

President and CEOKo Kusumi

 We are focusing not only on uncovering investment opportunities but also on creating investment opportunities. We believe that proactive investments in seed funding and start-up ventures will contribute to the revitalization of industry.
 We do not have a very long track record; we commenced our investment activities in January 2016. However, with support from business firms, financial institutions, private venture capital players, and others, we have gradually accumulated experience and know-how in such areas as: financing for start-ups from their initial stages, the creation of carve-out ventures in partnership with large corporations, and investments in overseas venture capital firms.
 For our upcoming investment fund, we plan to allow — under certain circumstances — investments in other national universities’ venture capital firms besides that of Kyoto University. We realize our serious responsibility to help raise the standard of university-sponsored venture capital activities by paying forward the know-how and other skills that we have developed.
 We are deeply aware of the importance of receiving support from everyone because sustaining our activities requires detailed knowledge of science and experience and in launching new products and businesses, as well as human capital possessing an understanding of the culture of the academic world.
 We ask for your continuing support, guidance, and encouragement.


Name Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co.,Ltd. (KYOTO-iCAP)
Address 36-1 Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8317 Japan
Founded Dec. 22, 2014
Paid-in capital JPY 35,000,000
Shareholder Kyoto University (100%)
President & CEO Ko Kusumi
Business Investment business (as part of “support program for utilizing specified research results”
approved by MEXT and METI based on the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act.)


Name Innovation Kyoto 2016 Investment Limited Liability Partnership
General Partner Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.
Maturity By December 2030 (+5 years’ extension)
Fund Size JPY 16,001 million


Name Innovation Kyoto 2021 Investment Limited Liability Partnership
General Partner Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.
Maturity By December 2032 (+5 years’ extension)
Fund Size JPY 18,140 million


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