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Entrepreneur x Kyoto University Technology Matching Event Held

Platform for Entrepreneur x Researcher to start a business in science at Kyoto University and other universities.
ECC-iCAP (Entrepreneur Candidate Club) Event #16
Life Science for the Future Society" in Tokyo

This year's panelists will include five of Kyoto University's proud front-runners in the field of science.
A chance to implement (turn into business) cutting-edge research that may change the future into society with your help!

With each speakerEasy DialogueThere are times when you can
Kyoto iCAP is nowWanted.There are real-life experiences by senior "visiting entrepreneurs" (EIRs) of the

We look forward to your participation if you are interested in starting your own business using university-originated science!

To apply, please contactthis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)from (e.g. time, place, numerical value, etc.)


Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2023, 18:30-20:30
Venue:Kyoto University Tokyo Office Conference Rooms A and B (Shin-Marunouchi Building 10F) / Real events only
Target: Those who would like to be involved in entrepreneurship based on the research seeds of Kyoto University professors.
   Those who are interested in starting a business but also want to learn how to do so.
Admission: Free
Organized by Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.
Co-organized by Kyoto University Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Division, Kyoto University Original Co., Ltd.


18:30-18:45 Opening What is Kyoto-iCAP & ECC-iCAP?

18:45-19:35 Presentation (5 x 10 minutes per person)
 He will discuss the concept of the research and the image of social implementation.

interpoint (interword separation)"Development of RFID microchip-based lung cancer surgery and minimally invasive pneumothorax surgery."
  Dr. Yojiro Yutaka (Assistant Professor, Department of Respiratory Surgery, Kyoto University Hospital)
  Research keywords: # microchip # ozone fine bubble # pneumothorax # respiratory surgery # new technology
interpoint (interword separation)"Pioneering Bioactive Bone Repair Materials that Integrate Quickly with Bone in the Body."
  Dr. Takeshi Yabuzuka (Lecturer, Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University)
  Research keywords: # bioactive functional materials # futuristic medical device materials # bone repair materials # orthopedic field # dental field
interpoint (interword separation)Development and Application of Enzymes for Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification.
  Dr. Kiyoshi Yasukawa (Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Kyoto University)
  Research keywords: # isothermal nucleic acid amplification # reverse transcriptase #RPA method # field use
interpoint (interword separation)Development and application of quantitative in silico prediction of pharmacological effects.
  Dr. Kazuki Nagayasu (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University)
  Research Keywords: # graph convolutional neural network # drug discovery # side effect prediction
interpoint (interword separation)Toward the Realization of Next-generation Cardiovascular Disease Therapy Using iPS Cells (tentative)
  Dr. Hidetoshi Masumoto (Kyoto University Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery, Specific Associate Professor)
  Research keywords: # cardiac regenerative medicine # drug discovery research # clinical bridging research

19:35-19:45 Introduction of initiatives by EIR-iCAP (Visiting Entrepreneur Program) enrollees

19:45 - 20:30 Discussion

Please note that speakers may change or be absent due to various reasons. Please understand this in advance.

Introduction of Speakers ■

Yojiro Yutaka
Assistant Professor, Department of Pulmonary Surgery, Kyoto University Hospital
Doctor of Medicine. (After serving as an initial resident, resident, and medical staff at Tazuke Kofukai Kitano Hospital, a medical staff at Otsu Red Cross Hospital, an in-house lecturer at Kyoto University Hospital, and an assistant professor at the Center for Clinical Research, Kyoto University Hospital, he has been in his current position since 2019.

Takeshi Yabuzuka
Lecturer, Graduate School of Energy Sciences, Kyoto University
D. (Energy Science). After working as a JSPS Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, he has been in his current position since 2021.
He specializes in inorganic materials chemistry. Focusing on the process by which living organisms synthesize apatite at room temperature and pressure, he is developing advanced ceramic biomaterials that can express various functions in vivo, including applications in various advanced medical devices such as bone restorative materials, dental prosthetic materials, and drug delivery carriers.

Kiyoshi Hohkawa
Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Kyoto University
He holds a Master of Science and a Doctor of Medicine. After working as an assistant professor and associate professor at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, he was appointed to his current position in 2013.
His research theme is "Functional modification of enzymes and expansion of their applications.

Kazuki Nagayasu
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University
Assistant Professor, Department of Biofunctional Analysis, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University. D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences).
After working as a JSPS Research Fellow (DC) and Postdoctoral Fellow (PD), Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the Center for Drug Discovery, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, and Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University, he assumed his current position in 2017. He has been conducting research on the role of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, in psychiatric disorders using neuroscience methods, and has also been involved in the analysis of pharmacodynamic big data and medical big data.

Hidetoshi Masumoto
Associate Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kyoto University Hospital
D. in Medicine, graduated from Kyoto University School of Medicine in 1999. After working as a Cardiovascular Surgeon at Kumamoto Central Hospital and Shizuoka City Shizuoka Hospital, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Louisville, a Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the Kyoto University iPS Cell Research Institute, and an Assistant Professor and a Specified Assistant Professor at the Kyoto University Hospital, he will be a Specified Associate Professor at the Kyoto University Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department from 2023. He is a senior researcher at the Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology and a research leader of the Clinical Bridging Program, where he leads the laboratory.


New System] From side business to start-up management!

□To become a start-up business owner on the side. Assistance in developing a business plan!
Kyoto iCAP will pay for the subcontractor's remuneration during the period of the □planning support. (Subject to certain screening, etc.)
Applications are now being accepted!(Please refer to the "ECC-iCAP Special Membership" section)



This project was selected by NEDO as part of its "FY2023 Project to Support the Recruitment of Management Professionals for University Startups (MPM)," with the aim of identifying management professionals who are interested in starting their own businesses or participating in startup management, and matching them with technology seeds from universities and other organizations and university startups. The purpose of this program is to discover management talents who wish to start their own businesses or participate in start-up management.

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